Retail Services - Buying Programs

You Can Compete & Enhance Your Margin with Bostwick-Braun’s Exclusive Brand!

We have gone direct to factories around the world to source products you sell every day with the right quality at the right price. Compare Proven Brands products feature-for-feature and you’ll see the value that they offer when compared to national brands or other retailers’ private label products.

Proven Brands products are designed for the independent retailer. They are made to our specifications and must meet our standard for quality & value before we make them available to you.

Proven Brand products include:

  • Tarps
  • Locksets
  • Builders Hardware
  • Faucets
  • Toilet Seats
  • Plumbing Supplies
  • Batteries

Proven Brands products are attractively packaged. Colorful point-of-purchase header cards are also available for most categories. Build your business profitably with Proven Brands!



Refresh – Revive – Rewards!

Whether it’s for a single department or your entire store, RapidStart is a great way to refresh a category. Working in conjunction with top vendors, let Bostwick-Braun revitalize your assortments by replacing tired displays with a fresh new look. We offer financial assistance through buy-backs, mark-down dollars, and up to 6 months dating. Our store planning experts at G.C. Merchandising can help guide you through the process.



G.R.O. (Growth Rebate Opportunity)

Bostwick-Braun strives to help you grow, and to help you streamline your operation. If you have been channeling a portion of your business through other distributors, this is an excellent opportunity for you to move those purchases to us and take advantage of the G.R.O. Program! Not only will it simplify your orders, but it rewards you financially because you’ll receive rebates on those purchases. For full details, talk to your personal Dealer Sales Representative. We take pride in the service and assistance we can offer you, and this is one more way that we hope to help you be successful and profitable.